Grateful for all the support given to my 10 year son. He passed both the BUCKS and SLOUGH exams in 2014.
Oct 20, 2014

High Achiever Scholarship Programme

Children are nominated at Assessment by AE Tuition as suitable for this programme. Parents are then notified and given the opportunity to enter their child into the steps of the programme. Full details of the programme are made available at this juncture. 

The main purpose is to give high achieving year 3 and 4 children further opportunities for advancement and is designed to:-

AE017b• Provide opportunities for more challenging work that will further speed up progress and development

• Make it possible for children to take the most challenging courses at AE Tuition a year early e.g. Scholarship Programme - Independent and Further Grammar Schools Preparation Course

• Encourage and develop independent study skills and stimulate the habit of reading as a central plank of educational progress

• Prepare a child to pass the 11+ for a high performing grammar school and to succeed at the highest level in that environment

• Open up the possibility of applying for valuable and highly prized scholarships in the independent sector