Grateful for all the support given to my 10 year son. He passed both the BUCKS and SLOUGH exams in 2014.
Oct 20, 2014

About Accelerated Education Ltd

"Accelerated Education came about because I noticed that children were not doing as well at the end of their Primary School years. Children often left Primary School without basic skills, because they had focussed on exploring things, rather than learning things".

We are great believers in teaching children technique, getting them to practice it, then testing that they have grasped the technique. We aim to develop free, independent thinking children.

AE Tuition teaches five different subject disciplines:

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Science
  4. Verbal Activity
  5. Non-Verbal Reasoning

The books we produce are How-To books. We also produce Test Books to reinforce children's technique. Our books are carefully organised, so that parents can follow them too.

We believe that parents are a vital part of their child's educational progress and development. We encourage parents to sit down with their children, mark their work and give them feedback on that work.

Our parents believe in our books. They believe in what we teach children. They use our books to support their child's education and we are really making a difference in their child's education.