Now I know that I’ve got like a 90% chance of passing my 11+ and I could get into a good school and get a good job in the future.
Luke, Aged 10
May 22, 2013

Berkshire Grammar Schools

Entry is decided by examination only (in catchment and external candidate policies apply). Application forms are available online. Applications are made from May onwards and examinations take place in in early September at the Grammar Schools.

Information can be obtained from Slough Borough Council about the four grammar schools in Slough. Langley, Herschel, Upton Court and St Bernard's Catholic Grammar can also be contacted directly.

The examination for Langley, Upton Court, Herschel and St. Bernard's Catholic Grammar (Slough Consortium) comprises two CEM papers of 45-50 minutes duration. These papers are a combination of Verbal Ability/Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Maths and English.

  • The pass marks are: Hershel - 111 - 114; St Bernard's - 111 (Catholics given preference) and Langley 117-119 (varies from year to year). 
  • The highest score score achievable is 165 (67%) and scores are calculated as an average across the papers. Each paper is given equal weighting.

Reading Boys and Kendrick Girls are also doing the same CEM papers. Parents can opt to have scores from the Slough Consortium made available to these schools if they wish to make an application. A much higher score will be required for entry as competition for places is very high (usually above 85%).