I would highly recommend this set to any child that needs to learn their times tables in a fun and creative way.
May 16, 2013

Parent Support

Parents need to carefully research what exams their child is doing. Schools do exams in various combinations of skills testing. It could be:

We know that the most important thing to alleviate a parent's stress in preparing a child, is to prepare them properly. By using our course material, your child will feel more confident and more able to tackle any combination of tests. We have found that the key to giving a child confidence in a testing situation, is for them to have the confidence that they can do it properly. No amount of psychological counselling will give them this same confidence - whatever exam pressure they face.

It is important for parents to focus on exactly what their child is going to have to do, and reinforce both methodology and technique in that specific subject area:


The child must have their reading, vocabulary and spelling skills up to the right level. Our Spelling & Vocabulary books are designed to give children about 5,000 words. The books help children to know the dictionary meaning of the word, and help them to understand how that word fits in context.


Parents need to ensure their child knows their times tables and are completely secure in their basic mathematical skills - adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

Verbal Ability

Our books cover all of the 40 different approaches the tests take for Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Activity.

Non-verbal Reasoning

Our books prepare children in the basic areas of Non-verbal Reasoning and cover everything the child will need for the tests. We also produce materials on 3D rotation - which has recently been introduced by the CEM test provider.