It is helpful in making children succeed in their 11+ and I think even not only 11+ but generally it helps them a lot in furthering their study skills.
Jasmeet, Parent
Aug 05, 2013

Year 5 - Full 11+ Preparation (1 Year)

Year 5 - Full 11+ Preparation (1 Year)

(September - September)

CONTENT: The course prepares children in Verbal Activity (includes Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Ability), Non-verbal Reasoning, Maths and English for the 11+ examination
WHO IS IT FOR? Year 5 students (9 to 10 years)
MATERIAL: All teaching material is provided during the course and is included in the course fee. Any materials purchased pre-course cannot be refunded.


For further information on course content, fees and availability, call us on 020 8867 2727 (Monday-Friday 9.30am-1.30pm).



Start date - 8th - 13th September 2017
SGP01  Fri 4.15pm - 6.45pm
SGP02  Sat 7.45am - 10.15am
SGP03  Sat  8.00am - 10.30am
SGP04  Sat  10.00am - 12.30pm
SGP05  Sat  10.15am - 12.45pm
SGP06  Sat  12.15pm -  2.45pm
SGP07  Sat  12.30pm -  3.00pm
SGP08  Sat 12.45pm - 3.15pm
SGP09  Sat  2.30pm - 5.00pm
SGP10  Sat  2.45pm - 5.15pm
SGP11  Sat  3.00pm - 5.30pm
SGP12  Sun  8.00am - 10.30am
SGP13  Sun  10.00am - 12.30pm
SGP14  Sun  10.15am - 12.45pm
SGP15  Sun  12.15pm - 2.45pm
SGP16  Sun  12.30pm - 3.00pm
SGP17  Sun  2.30pm - 5.00pm
SGP18  Sun 2.45pm - 5.15pm
SGP19  Mon  4.15pm - 6.45pm
SGP20  Mon 4.15pm - 6.45pm
SGP21 Mon  4.15pm - 6.45pm
SGP22  Mon 6.15pm - 8.45pm
SGP23  Mon 6.15pm - 8.45pm
SGP24  Mon 6.15pm - 8.45pm
SGP25  Tues 4.15pm - 6.45pm
SGP26  Tues 4.15pm - 6.45pm  
SGP27  Tues 4.15pm - 6.45pm
SGP28 Tues 6.15pm - 8.45pm
SGP29 Tues 6.15pm - 8.45pm
SGP30 Tues 6.15pm - 8.45pm
SGP31 Wed 4.15pm - 6.45pm
SGP33 Wed 6.15pm - 8.45pm




Start date 8th - 11th September 2017
LGP35 Fri 4.15pm - 6.45pm
LGP36  Fri 6.15pm - 8.45pm
LGP37  Sat  7.45am - 10.15am
LGP38 Sat  7.45am - 10.15am
LGP39 Sat  8.00am - 10.30am
LGP40 Sat  8.00am -  10.30am
LGP41  Sat  8.00am -  10.30am
LGP42  Sat 10.00am - 12.30pm
LGP43  Sat 10.00am - 12.30pm
LGP44  Sat 10.15am - 12.45pm
LGP45  Sat 10.15am - 12.45pm
LGP46  Sat 10.15am - 12.45pm
LGP47  Sat 12.15pm - 2.45pm
LGP48 Sat 12.15pm - 2.45pm
LGP49  Sat 12.30pm - 3.00pm
LGP50 Sat 12.30pm - 3.00pm
LGP51 Sat 12.30pm - 3.00pm
LGP52 Sat 2.30pm - 5.00pm
LGP53 Sat 2.30pm - 5.00pm
LGP54 Sat 2.45pm - 5.15pm
LGP55 Sat 2.45pm - 5.15pm
LGP56 Sat 2.45pm - 5.15pm
LGP57 Sun 7.45am - 10.15am
LGP58 Sun 7.45am - 10.15am
LGP59 Sun 8.00am - 10.30am
LGP60 Sun 8.00am - 10.30am
LGP61 Sun 10.00am - 12.30pm
LGP62 Sun 10.00am - 12.30pm
LGP63 Sun 10.15am - 12.45pm
LGP64 Sun 10.15am - 12.45pm
LGP65 Sun 12.15pm - 2.45pm
LGP66 Sun 12.30pm - 3.00pm
LGP67 Sun 12.30pm - 3.00pm
LGP68 Sun 2.30pm - 5.00pm
LGP69 Sun 2.45pm - 5.15pm
LGP70 Sun 2.45pm - 5.15pm
LGP71  Mon 4.30pm - 7.00pm
Mon 4.30pm - 7.00pm
LGP73 Mon 6.15pm - 8.45pm
LGP74 Mon 6.15pm - 8.45pm

Purple indicates full classes
Green indicates places available