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Oct 20, 2014

Dr Stephen Curran Background and Career

Dr Stephen C. Curran : Education Director

PhD, MA, BA (Hons), B(Mus), PGCE, Dip. RSA, MCollT

Stephen has many years of teaching experience, both in the primary and secondary sector. In addition to writing, Stephen founded AE Tuition, which runs 11 Plus courses for children in Mathematics, Verbal Activity, Non-verbal Reasoning, English and Science. He also established AE Publications Ltd., which publishes the many educational 11 Plus workbooks and 11 Plus testbooks used in the Tuition Centre. These were written by Stephen and other authors commissioned by the company.

In addition to writing educational books, Stephen's literary talents include screenwriting and fiction.

Stephen grew up in an ordinary working class home in Kent. From an early age he was an avid reader and excelled in English, Music and Drama. He studied at a technical High School in Kent (part of the old grammar school system) and gained four A’ levels and 10 O’ levels.

Stephen chose to train as a teacher, and completed his PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) with distinction in 1985 at St. Mary’s College in Twickenham. He started his teaching career in the same year. He knew that he had the required qualities to be a good teacher – interest, motivation and good communication skills. He wanted to help children achieve educationally - having been inspired by his contact with superb educators. He taught in four different state schools, and became head of department in three of them. He headed up the English department in his last school.

Like many teachers before him, he originally started tutoring children privately to supplement his income. His first student in 1990 wanted to study for the eleven plus. The boy was successful and gained a place at his local grammar school of choice in Buckinghamshire. Stephen continued to tutor pupils for the eleven plus and word soon spread of his success. Before long he was teaching groups of children in their houses.

Stephen found the work extremely rewarding, and was delighted to discover that his tutoring was not only helping pupils reach their goal of passing the eleven plus, but the children were also doing so much better in school. By 1999 demand was so high, and there were so many groups of students, he decided to hire a hall to teach them in, and employed four assistants to support him. Before long there were two more teachers and thirty assistants. Soon after this, Stephen decided to focus full time on tutoring, and left his school teaching post to focus entirely on AE Tuition.

To support his work at the Tuition Centre,  Stephen started to write and publish his own tuition books through the newly formed AE Publications. Maths books were the first to be published, but these were soon followed by Verbal Reasoning/Activity, Non-verbal Reasoning and English books.

By 2005 AE Tuition had grown so large it needed its own premises. In May 2006 AE Tuition purchased 2 Kingfisher Court in Slough, where it still resides today. Due to the year-on-year excessive demand for our tuition, we opened a new tuition centre in September 2016 in Langley, Berkshire (in addition to our current tuition centre in nearby Farnham Road, Slough).

Stephen still teaches at the Tuition Centres. His main focus is now on training other teachers in his approach, and to write more papers and books. As an expert educator, Stephen is often asked to comment on, and contribute to, discussion on national education policy.

Outside of his interests in teaching, Stephen has also studied Theology at Spurgeon’s Theological College, where he secured a first class honours degree. He has also gained a second bachelor degree in Music at Surrey University and an MA in Theatre Studies at Leeds University. Stephen’s interest in the arts led him to train as an actor for two years but he has chosen to use the skills he acquired there for writing and communication purposes.

Stephen’s interests include writing stories and plays for theatre and screenplays. One of his plays won the United Distiller’s Community Theatre Award in 1993, and was performed at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith. He also won the Euroscript Screenwriting Award in 1999, and his screenplay was marketed with agents across Europe. Most recently, Stephen won first prize in the 2010 USA ‘Script Vamp’ Feature Screenwriting Contest in the Epic/Historical Category with his latest screenplay. The same screenplay also achieved runner-up prize in the Action/Adventure category. This screenplay is being marketed through an agent to the US and UK film industry. Stephen is still writing and has more screenplays in the pipeline.

Dr Stephen Curran was awarded a doctorate in 2015 from Brunel University in 2015. His doctorate was on The History of Screenwriting.