Now I know that I’ve got like a 90% chance of passing my 11+ and I could get into a good school and get a good job in the future.
Luke, Aged 10
May 22, 2013

Starfish Asia

Starfish Asia

AE Tuition is committed to help educate under privileged children in Asia through donation and support. We are passionate about giving children a chance to a brighter future.

Stephen Curran visits Pakistan regularly to advise Starfish Asia schools on how to improve their resources and provide better education for impoverished children living in slum conditions.

Our tuition centre makes a monthly donation to the charity based on the number of students attending our classes each month. Our objective is to donate around £10,000 each year. Due to the exchange rate and the lower standard of living in Asia, the value of this donation is increased substantially and can do so much to improve the situation and assist less fortunate children in Pakistan.

AE Tuition is working closely with Mike Wakely (of Starfish Asia) Anser Javed (National Director of Starfish Asia, Pakistan) and Ashraf Rehmat, who is responsible for two schools that AE Tuition fully supports: Su-e-Asal school and Kasur school. Both are located east of Lahore and each has around 300 children. These children come from poor agricultural and brick kiln communities.

Our donations fund the building, books and teaching staff for both these schools. This is a very exciting development for AE Tuition as we now have a direct link to specific projects in Pakistan.

We are continuing to work closely with Starfish Asia to discuss how to expand their work on more specific projects in Pakistan.

Starfish Asia

If you would like to learn more of Starfish Asia and their work in Pakistan, watch the video or click on the logo above to go through to their website where you can, if you wish, make your own donation to the Starfish Asia Fund and save a life.

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