Our older son passed his entrance exam thanks to the excellent coaching. Our younger son is well on the way. Unreservedly recommended, very experienced, professional and helpful. 'The only pla...
Thomas Issa
Feb 09, 2016

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Office Hours: 9:30am - 1:30pm Monday to Friday

Office Address
Unit 8, Vector Park
Forest Road
Middlesex TW13 7EJ

Telephone: 020 8867 2727


Tuition Centre
Tuition Centre Hours:
Mon-Fri 4:30pm - 8:45pm, Sat-Sun 7.45am-5.30pm

Tuition Centre Address

AE Tuition Centre
2 Kingfisher Court
281 Farnham Road
Berkshire.  SL2 1JF

Tel: 01753 579 956 (only answered during tuition centre hours)

AE Tuition Centre
Waterside Drive
Berkshire.  SL3 6EZ

Tel: 01753 257 201 (only answered during tuition centre hours)


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