I enjoy it because it’s easier to learn things with the techniques explained to you.
Ukendar, Age 10
May 22, 2013

11 Plus Preparation Courses: AE Tuition


AE Tuition 11 Plus preparation courses

State Grammar entry for years 3 to 6

Independent Schools entry for years 6 to 8

  • Independent School preparation takes place from October to January. This involves English Comprehension, Creative Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Advanced Mathematics up to level 6/7. Many of our children gain places in the top independent schools and win scholarship places.

Between 80% to 86% of children who attend our 11 Plus courses, for a year or more, achieve a pass score for a grammar school placement or independent school of their choice. Most of them achieve Level 5 in SATs (some achieve level 6) We are proud of their success.

Subjects covered:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Verbal Activity
  • Non-verbal Reasoning

We prepare children for the following grammar schools:

  • Berkshire grammar schools - Slough consortium; Slough Grammar; Kendrick Girls'; Reading Boys'
  • Buckinghamshire grammar schools - all 13 grammar schools
  • North London grammar schools - Henrietta Barnett Girls'; Queen Elizabeth's Boys'; Latymer; St. Michael's Catholic Grammar
  • Surrey grammar shools - Tiffin Schools; Wilsons; Nonsuch Girls'; Wallington Schools and Sutton Boys'.
  • Other grammar schools in Kent, Hertfordshire and Essex.

and various top independent schools in the London region.

AE Tuition National Curriculum courses:

  • Year 6 SATs 3-5 preparation takes place from January to April in order to prepare children for their SATs examination in English and Maths.
  • Core Subjects preparation in English, Maths and Science for year 7, year 8 and year 9 children takes place from September to July each year for improved performance.

Over 8,000 children have now been taught with highly successful results

All our courses are taught by fully-qualified teachers who have many years of teaching experience both in the primary and secondary sector. In addition to the teacher, each group of 18-24 children is provided with two supervisors and eight assistants. The Tuition Centre is managed by our Senior Teachers and Head Supervisors.

We prefer all children who intend taking our courses to partake in an 'Educational Assessment'. This enables us to assess a child's present educational level, their ultimate potential and any specific educational needs.

Also available on this website are tuition books from AE Publications for your child to use at home if they can not take a course.