My favourite is maths because they give us a lot of methods to do in a subject, so if you get stuck on one method you can use the others.
Tutti, Age 10
May 22, 2013

AE Publications

AE Publications WorkbooksAE Publications has its roots planted firmly in the AE Tuition Centre in Slough. Stephen found that published materials in the market were inadequate for teaching basic technique to children.

Stephen started creating, developing and publishing his own 'How-To' material for use at the Tuition Centre. As the number of books started to grow, AE decided to start publishing them for wider use. AE Publications was created in 1999.

The books were originally sold in High Street book retailers and are still ranged in many bookshops. Since the boom of online retail shopping, the majority of AE book sales now come from our own online bookshop. We sell our books throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

We sell our books as a Series - simply because if a child is to get the maximum value from the books, they should start at Book 1 and work their way through the set. The books are available to purchase individually.